Plz read this first!

My site haz many thingz that might make some groupz mad or upset. As an atempt 2 make ppl lezz mad, I have made a list of warningz 4 ppl who want to visit my site!! Anywayz, here iz that list

  • Anyone who iz Anti-Gay/Homophobic (I myself am bisexual & I understad that sum may be against such thingz 4 whatever reasonz)
  • Anyone who iz Anti-Tranz/Transphobic (Similar to the no homophobez rule, I'm also under the tranz umbrella)
  • No rasistz or any kind (I don't need 2 explain, if u need an explaination than idk wut 2 say)
  • P3d0z/Gr00m3rz (Self explaniory)
  • Ppl who use fanon Masky/Tim (Thiz also meanz no CheeseCake jokez)
  • Thatz all 4 now! :DD

    You can go now if you want, if not then u can click on the link on the NavBar that sendz u back to the NeoCitiez browsing page

    Buh Baii

    Acually! before you go, if you wanna add some buttons 2 ur page then feel free to add mine!!