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One hell of a ride :2024/05/14

Soooo... my bad for not updating in awhile? Idk what happened (I forgot my computer at a friends house and I HATE using my phone for this kind of stuff.) BUT I AM BACK!!

I've definitely been doing better so that's good.. wish I could say the same for my friend, Fred. (TW: suicide) I just had to talk one of my online friends out of killing himself almost immediately after I woke up-

Not the best wake up call... somehow not the worst? Idk, I started crying because of it (I've lost way too many friends for my age) and I keep worrying about them. They said they started doing better tho so that's good!!

In other, less traumatizing news!! I saw my brother again! He's doing good so YIPPEE!!!!

I also talked to one of my gr8 supply teachers so that was cool!! (Miss D is a genderfluid icon in my old friend group.) so it was nice to talk to them again.

But yeah, I've met up with some friends and I'm feeling better about being here... ALSO!! If you see a 5'3 clown child with wayyy too many bracelets on and black platforms in Toronto, that's probably me! So stop by and say hi if you're up to the challenge ig? (DON'T FORGOT STRANGER DANGER THO!!) Buh bye for now!!

Home sweet hell (I'm back bitches) :2024/04/05

We finally got back to Toronto but I'm soooo fucking stressed... I also might have sorta accidentally stolen a computer from my school so yk....


Anyways, I'm excited to see all my friends again though I'll miss the others too. I also miss my now ex-boyfriend (we only broke up 'cause I was moving and we both hate long distance relationships) so that sucks. But other than that I've been doing ok. I'm really tired as of writing this (it's 11:51 PM) so I'm just gonna cut it here.

Update on my life! (good news) :2024/03/29

I'm moving back to Toronto!!

I do have to leave my bf behind though and I'm not 100% how to tell him, I am going to tell him today. I am however excited to see my friends again, not to mention that my brother is also in Toronto!

I am still very nervous to go but I hope this is gonna work out well. My mom is also doing better so thats good, I just happy to see her happy again. If I ever see the man who did all of this I will hit him in the back of the head with a brick. /hj

Rant about my current life (vent):2024/03/27

My mother got into another bad relationship and i got caught in the cross fire (nothing to bad or anything physical but still), we are leaving the house to get a new place but everything is making me stressed and irrateable.

I knew he wasn't a good person but my mom was happy with him so I did my best to support her, but when I did that everything got worse. I hated him so much and I hate him even more now. He's been manipulating my mom for money the whole time because he's to lazy to go and be an adult and it's so fucking imature and annoying. All he does is smoke and complain about whatever's bothering him.

I'm so glad my mom finally realized this but I feel so bad, he messed her up so bad. She's attached to his past self and now has to come to terms with the fact that he isn't the same person anymore. We are hopefully gonna get a decent place (which should be some what easy now that He is out of the picture). But I'm still so mad at him.

I know that these things happen sometimes but I don't think that means that I can't get mad about it. I have things that I can be happy about like my friends and my mom but sometimes I just wanna scream at the world for everything.

silly lil rant (not a vent):2024/03/04

i wanna be a silly lil creature in the woods with hundreds of eyes and weird moth-like features (Wings, extra arms, antenna, fuzz, proboscis looking thingy). i want to look like im rotting and crawling with bug and smaller creatures, i want my skull to be exposed on one side on my face so the bugs can crawl through my head. I want fungi and moss to be growing all over my skin.

I want to live in the woods in some old abandoned building and help lost hikers and lead them out of the woods. I want them to tell stories of me to teach kids weird and dark lessons only for them to discover that im actually just some "thing" that watches ppl in the woods.

I want them to leave me offerings of food and drawings. i'll make a nest in the building and decorate it with the offerings. I'll leave animal bone all over the place for the gay ppl who become interested in my existence (Cause for some reason tons of gay and trans ppl love cryptids, me included) so they can collect them.

I want to be a cryptid.

Hell pit